Making Big Indie Games


As an indie game developer you always hear you're supposed to keep your scope down, but what if what’s really driving you is a big game concept with a significant scope?

Making Big Indie Games is an advanced guide for indie game developers who are ready for the next level:

Package contents

How to Make a Video Game All By Yourself

Making Big Indie Games is meant to be an extension to How to Make a Video Game All By Yourself! Think of it as the book's Next Level DLC. So please pick up a copy and give it a read. That'll put us on the same page, especially regarding:

  1. You are a producer (you get things done)
  2. Scratch your itch (you're obsessed with finishing your game)
  3. Pick a game engine (you have sharp tools, ready to use)
  4. Manage your scope (we're going big but be smart about where and why)
  5. Iterate to the finish line (it's a long and winding road, especially this time)

Watch the video about Making Big Indie Games

There's an entire Make the Game episode all about Making Big Indie Games that should answer any questions you may have. You can listen or watch. If you like what you see, purchase this package and let's get started on your big game journey!

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A 44 page ebook and 12 illustrated video tutorials (83+ minutes of video)

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Making Big Indie Games

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